You’re Invited…

You’re Invited…

Held Hostage

Michelle and I are going to get married and you’re invited to the reception. We figure, first we’ll send out the invitations and once everyone has confirmed that they’ll be coming, then we’ll start the phone calls: "Hi, we just wanted to remind you about our wedding. And, oh yeah, before we forget – you’ve been assigned to bring the cake. See you there!"

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? What kind of people host a party like that?

Well, believe it or not, that’s just the phone call we received the other day. We were invited a couple weeks ago for Christmas and about a week after we confirmed we’d be coming, we got a voicemail saying "You’ve been assigned to bring the turkey."

don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I wanted to show up empty handed – I would have asked what they wanted me to bring. And if they said "nothing" I still would have brought something for them anyways. it’s good manners. But there’s a huge difference between asking what to bring and "being assigned." Plus, of all things, to be assigned to bring a turkey? Why don’t I just host it at my house then!?

I think these people are in desperate need of some etiquette lessons. I was raised very differently and have a hard time understanding how these people think, or if they even think at all. When you have a party, and invite people, when you’re the host – this is not at all acceptable. I’ve never had a party where I’ve asked anyone to bring anything. If it’s my party, I’m inviting you, I’m hosting and you are my guest. Isn’t that the whole point of being a host? Of all things, to be assigned to bring a turkey…?…

So we’ve decided we’ll be giving them what they want from us – we’ll make a turkey and then drop it off before their party starts. Then we’ll come back home to host our own party. Our guests won’t have to pay admission at the door – we’ll provide everything and feel absolutely wonderful doing it. They’ll be our guests and it will be our honor to have them.