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We killed our cousin!


I remember playing this "choking game" with my brother and cousin when we were kids – you’d breathe heavy for a long time and then someone would knock the wind out of you. It was supposed to make you dizzy and give you a short "high". When it was my cousin’s turn, he passed out and hit the floor real hard – it took him a very long time to regain consciousness and in the meantime, my brother and I were agonizing about how much trouble we were going to be in for killing him…

The Globe and Mail reports:

TORONTO — A new survey says some 79,000 Ontario students are also playing a lethal “choking game” that has killed at least 82 children in the United States.

The survey by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health found about 7 per cent of children in Grades 7 to 12 have been choked on purpose.

The so-called “choking game” involves being throttled to the point of almost passing out and induces a brief high.

Doctors at the centre say the game isn’t new but shows that Ontario students are hurting themselves intentionally.

They say parents should be aware of the dangerous game and talk to their children about it.

At least 82 have died in the United States playing the game in the last decade while 74 Canadian kids have been sent to hospital.

it’s amazing to see that it’s making headlines now – and because a whopping 82 have died from it over 10 years…