Toronto Apartment Wanted for February 1, 2010

Toronto Apartment Wanted for February 1, 2010


Michelle and I are looking for an apartment in Toronto for .

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Here’s a little bit of information about us, and what we’re looking for:

Apartment Wanted for Engaged Couple – Exceptional Tenants

Community: Preferably close to the subway, or at least easily accessible by TTC. (East of Dufferin, South of Eglinton, West of Bayview)

Daniel & Michelle at the CN Tower

Details: Hi – we’re Daniel & Michelle and we’re looking for an Apartment in Toronto for February 1st, 2010. We’ve been living together for just over 5 years now and are moving back to Toronto (from Calgary) the second week of January.

We’re looking to move into a clean, well-maintained apartment (preferably no high-rises) where everything works properly. Basement suites are OK as long as it’s a separate entrance, and has lots of big windows. We always pay rent on time (sometimes early, but never late) and are exceptional at taking care of where we live. Ideally, we’d like to find something that has been recently renovated, has in-suite washer and dryer and no carpet, but we’re staying open…

We’re neat-freaks, very organized and super clean – we clean our house on a daily basis. We have a zero-tolerance for vermin and pests of any kind (no mice, no rats, no cockroaches, no bugs of any kind at all) and we won’t rent a place with a history of pests, even if it was years ago. We’re not open to that at all. On the flip-side, you can be assured that you’ll be renting to exceptionally clean tenants who will not attract any pests or vermin to your property. We are constantly cleaning and maintaining our home to ensure that this is never an issue – we can’t live with pests.

A location close to the subway would be ideal for us, or at least easily accessible by TTC. (When we used to live in Toronto before moving to Calgary, we had an apartment at Bathurst and St. Clair, which was perfect for us.) We don’t smoke nor do any drugs of any kind and we don’t have any late-night parties or anything of the sort. Of course, we can provide excellent references if necessary. You can also find out more about us by reading this blog.

We also have three small dogs (not much bigger than the size of a cat) that mean the world to us. You can see photos of our dogs by looking at articles tagged “dogs”.

Three Cute Dogs

All three of our dogs are hypo-allergenic non-shedding dogs and we are very responsible pet owners. Our oldest is Lorenzo (Maltese x Yorkie) at 4 years, then Cachita (Bichon x Cocker Spaniel) at 3 years, and Javier (Bichon x Yorkie) is the youngest at 2 years. All three dogs are neutered/spayed, licensed and up-to-date with shots, vet visits, etc. They only eat 100% certified-organic raw food so they’re exceptionally well behaved and their urine actually fertilizes the lawn (not burns it). Daniel works from home most of the time so he is home with them during the day, otherwise, they are very well behaved dogs when we’re gone (and we leave them in a crate for their safety anyways – it’s their "den"). Most of the time though, we prefer to take them everywhere with us, whenever possible. Our dogs have travelled to many places with us and have stayed in numerous hotels across Canada – we’ve never had a single problem with any of them :-) Simply put, anywhere we’ve rented or stayed (housing, hotels, lodges, etc.) our dogs have never been a problem; plus, they don’t shed, so it’s very easy to keep things clean all the time.

If you have any questions, or have an apartment for rent that might interest us, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or via cell phone at +1 (416) 845-5450. Thank you in advance!

Daniel & Michelle

There you have it. Please pass this along to anyone you know who’s renting an apartment in Toronto – thanks!