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Being the Middle Child


When you’re the first-born child, it’s natural to get a lot of attention and then have super high expectations to have to live up to; the last child is forever "the baby" and gets away with everything and anything.

Growing up, I was the third of four children, so I know very well what being a middle child is all about. it’s very easy to feel neglected when you’re the middle child, because you’re neither first, nor last…

With our three dogs, Michelle and I always try our hardest to treat them as equally as possible, but I’ll admit that it’s not always easy.

Lorenzo was our first dog, he’s the oldest, (and it seems he’s the smartest too), but we sometimes have unfair and/or unrealistic expectations of him – definitely a lot higher than what we expect of javier, who’s the youngest. Javier seems to get away with everything – he’s the baby.

Cachita Sitting

And though Cachita is our only girl and she gets a lot of attention for that alone, I’m always cautious of accidentally giving her less attention – yes, she’s the middle child…

I realized the other day that in the history of my blog, I’ve had a couple articles about Lorenzo, a lot about Javier, but never one about Cachita – she’s always been a side note in my articles.

So here it is, my first article solely about Cachita – but in true middle-child fashion, I have to keep it short because I’m pressed for time right now… Ha!

don’t get me wrong, Cachita is a very loved dog and she’s definitely not neglected by any means. She’s also the most "high-maintenance" dog of the three since she moans a lot and demands attention all the time. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t blogged about her until now – it feels weird to dedicate an article to her, when I could be dedicating time to her instead…