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Bloody Lucky


While waiting for the #1 bus downtown, I saw an interesting ad at the bus stop promoting a website, I wasn’t able to check it on my iPhone though since it’s entirely flash-based.

Bloody Lucky

I did, however, check the website on my computer once I got back home. it’s essentially six graphic videos depicting workplace injuries that could have been prevented. Some are a little hilarious, but all are very graphic and almost hard to watch. Gross. I watched all six videos and they send the message loud and clear – check it out and see what you think.

On another note though, at the bottom of their website are two links, one for "accessibility", and the other for "using this site". I was able to learn a lot about website accessibility, web standards and government policies when I worked (briefly) for the Government of ontario. I find it hilarious that these links even exist on the Bloody Lucky website because the site is not accessible at all, and even fails W3C’s Markup Validator with 15 errors. Bloody Embarrassing!

If you click on the accessibility link on the page, you get directed to another page, which reads:

The Government of Alberta has made every effort to make this website accessible and easy to use for everyone, no matter which web browser you choose to use, and whether or not you have any disabilities.

This website was specifically designed to take into account visitors who are visually impaired or blind. It is fully compatible with popular screen reading software. Also, this website was designed for those who for a variety of reasons may not be able to use a mouse. This website can be navigated using the keyboard on your computer or using other assistive devices.

This website uses Skip to Navigation and Skip to Contact links on every page so that you can quickly move to important information if you are navigating by keyboard or assistive devices.

This website also conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines of the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C). All pages on this website should comply with Priority AA checkpoints.

All of which is false for the BloodyLucky website. Hm.