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Boots and Cats


I came across this short YouTube video via @SesameStreet on Twitter:

Here’s the video:

Elmo Learns to Beatbox & Breakdance
Learn how to beatbox and dance the Robot with Mya and Elmo!

Boots and cats… Gotta love Sesame Street!

Next time I see a beatboxer on the streets of Toronto, I’m going to tell them about "boots and cats" and see what they say! This changes everything! LOL

I got some cortisone shots in my wrist earlier in the week that were supposed to make things better, but have done nothing but cause me excruciating amounts of pain. So I’ve been stuck in bed, feeling like I just came out of surgery and unable to do anything at all. With no cable TV in the house, my only entertainment has been reading Twitter, so I’m glad I came across this funny video – Elmo always puts a smile on my face! I’ve had this video stuck in my head since I saw it yesterday, and it reminded me of when I met Elmo back in December 2011 at Eaton Centre…

And speaking of old blog articles, I’m reminded of a comment I wrote regarding Mac OS X’ accessibility features four years ago, almost to the day:


…the dogs can’t type and they don’t speak English. But the Universal Access features in Mac OS X are amazing! I was able to find a "Bark to Text" plugin that also uses Google Translate APIs to translate the barks into English. Gotta love technology!

We did start a blog for them but they struggled so much with what to write on their first post that it was obvious it wasn’t going to work, so we decided to go with Twitter instead…

Voice dictation on my Mac and iPhone have really been a lifesaver this week! While I haven’t been able to work on any charts, at least I’ve been able to stay on top of my emails…

Anyways, now that the pain in my wrist is somewhat under control and I can at least move my fingers again, I’m going to try to get some arranging done…

Boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats!