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C-Train Disruption at Sunnyside Station


, Michelle and I heard a crazy amount of emergency vehicles making their way to Sunnyside station, right in front of our house. They seemed to keep coming and coming and we could see the droves of bright lights flashing from our living room window. I decided to grab my camera and see what was going on – I also noticed the train was stopped just short of the station platform, and that the pedestrian crossing bells were ringing non-stop.

The rumor on the street was that someone jumped in front of the train, but I’m pretty sure now that this isn’t what happened. I also heard talk that someone was sitting on the tracks when they got hit by the train. In the end, I still don’t know exactly what happened, I’m not sure about the circumstances nor the events that preceded, but it does seem very likely that someone did indeed get hit by the train, and was lucky enough to walk away without any serious injuries.

Here are some of the photos I took tonight:

Sunnyside Station – Emergency Vehicles Begin Accumulating
Police Investigate at Sunnyside Station
Police Investigate at Sunnyside Station
Calgary Transit Peace Officers – Debriefing
Man Exits Ambulance Before Being Taken Away by Police
Emergency Vehicles – East Side of Sunnyside Station

I ran back to my house across the street to grab the rest of my camera bag, and by the time I got back, the train had been moved and most of the emergency vehicles were leaving the scene. I was able to capture a photo of the man in question getting out of the ambulance though – he seemed intoxicated and the paramedics had to help him out of the ambulance and into a police car waiting nearby.

I’m curious to find out what really happened and I hope this guy is OK. From start to finish, the service disruption lasted no more than half-an-hour. (I would have hated to be stuck on the train for that long though, all the while not knowing how much longer…)

If you know what happened, feel free to submit the information as a comment – thanks!