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Cachita Can Tell Time


Either Cachita has learned to read the clock and tell time, or she has a built-in clock in her head.


Cachita gets fed every day at 10:30am and then at 8:30pm – and right at those times, on the dot, (ok, sometimes one or two minutes before, but never more than five), she has to remind me to feed her. She knows how to get what she wants and knows how to be just annoying enough to get you to stop what you’re doing and get up, but still cute enough that you don’t feel annoyed… Seriously, it’s like she has a built-in clock or something, or, what I’m telling people, is that she knows how to read the clock. ;-)

Cachita is also really good at "telling" us when she has to go potty. This last weekend (August long weekend) we went on a "BC Road Trip" to Revelstoke, Kelowna and then Vancouver (more on that to come soon in a separate article) – and stayed in three hotels. I was a little afraid that Lorenzo & Cachita might make a "mess" in the hotel being in an unfamiliar environment, but that never happened.

Actually, one night, I woke up at around 3am or so and noticed that Cachita wasn’t on the bed. Lorenzo was fast asleep. I looked over to Cachita’s carrier to see if she was in there but saw her sitting on the floor in the middle of the room. Waiting patiently. She was so still and quiet (sitting upright) that I wondered if something was wrong, so I asked what was wrong, and she just sat there, still as a rock. I told her, "Come Cachita" and signaled for her to come up on the bed, and she just sat there, staring at me, quiet and still as a rock. Waiting patiently. Then I asked her "Cachita, do you have to go potty?" and she stood up and danced, wagged her tail and made it clear that yes, that’s what she wanted. Who knows how long she was waiting like that, but as soon as I took them outside to a patch of grass, both Lorenzo and Cachita went potty right away. Cachita is my hero!

So yes, Cachita can tell time, and she can practically talk. You just have to pay attention…