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Calgary Stampede 2009


The first two weeks in July are Stampede time in Calgary… a crazy time when the whole city dresses up in cowboy attire, even to work. In fact, some employers even insist on it!

Calgary Stampede Parade 2009

Michelle had off work due to the Stampede parade in downtown Calgary, so we decided to check it out… I took some photos while Michelle shot some videos using her iPhone 3Gs; I then compiled them into this slideshow/video.

Calgary Stampede 2009

Here’s the slideshow/video compilation of our day at the Stampede. The highlight of the day, of course, was the Grandstand Show. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it!

Going to the Stampede this year was fun; but I must admit, I’m glad all the cowboy craziness is over now! ;-)