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Changuito & NG La Banda — Descarga (1990)


I came across this YouTube video of Changuito playing a descarga with NG La Banda (in 1990) on a TV show from Cuba called "Mi Salsa" via @chipboaz on Twitter:

Changuito y NG La Banda 1990 “Descarga”

Virtuosity. Crazy.

Next time I hear a percussionist complain about having to wear a suit while playing, or next time I hear a horn player complain about my horn lines being too long or too fast, I’ll show them this video. Ha ha ha.

And while we’re on the subject of Changuito, Here’s another YouTube video of Changuito playing a timbale solo with Los Van Van (in the 1980’s in Germany):

Changuito y Los Van Van – Solo de Timbales