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Cherry Beach


Michelle and I spent a lot of time at Cherry Beach this summer with our three dogs. Everyone in Toronto knows of Woodbine Beach, but Cherry Beach is much more hidden and I think less people know of its existence.

it’s a gorgeous beach and an awe-insipiring view to wake up to in the morning! (Lots of cars park there in the summer and stay overnight…) There’s also a huge off-leash dog park there which gets very close to Centre Island. In fact, I hope to work on my swimming skills over the coming months so I can be confident enough to swim across next summer!

Here are some random photos I took at Cherry Beach in and :

Cherry Beach at 9pm
Cherry Beach at 8am
Cherry Beach
Cherry Beach Trees at 8am
Little Bunny at Cherry Beach
Cherry Beach Trees at 9pm
Raised Bridge on Cherry Street
Toronto from the Docks
Cherry Beach at 9pm
Speedboat at Cherry Beach
Sailboat at Cherry Beach
Couple Sitting on Cherry Beach

The photos show a very tranquil and quiet beach (which it was, on weekdays) but I wish I had taken photos on the weekends too when it was much busier and packed with lots of people partying and having a good time…

Toronto is such a beautiful city!