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Cómo Fue


Last night, after dropping off a book of charts for a gig later this month, my friend Manny invited me to accompany him to drop off the last book to one of the trombone players. The three of us ended up heading over to Pepper’s Café to see some live Cuban music by Guaracha y Son (Jorge Maza on flute, Pablosky Rosales on tres, Roberto Riverón on bass and Rosendo “Chendy” Leon Sr. on percussion). What a fun night!

Manny went up to sing Cómo Fue with them, so I shot some video with my iPhone:

I really dug Pablosky’s masterful tres solo on that tune so I decided to transcribe it today. Here’s a PDF: Cómo Fue — Tres Solo Transcription. Beautiful solo!

Guaracha y Son play at Pepper’s Café on the second Thursday of every month. You can find out more about them on Roberto Riverón’s website. And likewise, you can find out more about Manny Cárdenas at