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DM Blog Design Changes


This weekend, I updated my blog to the new WordPress v2.5 and changed the theme to Arun Kale’s “The Morning After” theme. It took a lot of time and patience to make all my customizations, but I’m much happier with my blog’s design now that I’m done. I’m done? The more I change, the longer the list gets of new things I want to change. But I think I’m done now, for the most part.

Apart from the obvious design changes, some of the new features you may notice on my blog are tags for articles, the ability to have a featured article on the home page, thumbnails for all articles (which I think is a very nice touch), automatic (gr)Avatars on comments, asides on the home page, etc.…

I’ve also made a lot of changes to the backend so that it will take me a lot less time to write a new blog post. I hand-code all the XHTML (links, formatting, etc.) using Panic’s Coda and then paste it into WordPress. I’ve created a template for my blog posts and I’m also taking advantage of Coda’s “clips” feature to quickly enter frequently used code blocks (like when I embed an image in a post).

Get in touch to let me know what you think!