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Doggies in the Spring


I’ve fallen very behind on organizing and editing all the photos in my Aperture library. I have so many photos from that I’ve been wanting to share, but with so many photos to go through, just opening Aperture feels like a daunting chore… Plus, so much time has passed since I’ve taken a lot of those photos, it almost feels like I’ve missed the opportunity to share them…

But I’m going to do it anyways. Here are some photos I took of our three dogs in our backyard back in :

Lorenzo on the Grass
Javier & Cachita on the Grass
Javier with a Branch in His Mouth
Javier & Cachita on the Grass
Javier Jumping for a Branch

My health has been worse than normal lately and as a result, I’ve been having a very hard time being productive. Even something as simple as editing photos is too much on most days, but I’m going to try to push harder to get these photos up sooner than later…

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