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Doggy Haircuts


I’ve blogged about the doggies’ haircuts a couple times in the past, but it has been quite a while since our three dogs have had haircuts. Grooming them is hard work and very time consuming. (Yes, Michelle and I do all their grooming ourselves.)

The past couple months, we’ve started doing just one dog at a time instead of trying to get them all done in a marathon all-day grooming session. But recently, I was able to do Javier and Cachita only one day apart, and Lorenzo just needed a quick face trim and bath.

While Cachita and Javier were both in desperate need of a haircut, Javier was definitely the worst of the two – he was starting to look like a homeless, scruffy dog:

Shaggy Javier Sitting
Javier Relaxing

it’s nice cuddling with the dogs when they’ve been freshly bathed – their coats are very silky soft and they smell great!

Cachita Sitting
Cachita on Alert
Cachita’s Face
Javier in the Kitchen
Lorenzo Standing
The Three Dogs

I’m still not an expert at grooming the dogs by any means, but I think I’ve established that Lorenzo looks best with longer hair, and next time I groom Cachita, I want to groom her more like a Cocker Spaniel – long ears, short on the back and long underneath, including her legs. But by the time I got that idea, I had already trimmed too much and it was too late. I did manage to leave her two front legs longer than I normally cut them though…

it’s definitely lots of hard work – most people don’t realize how long it takes to groom just one dog, let alone three! And while I do both Javier and Lorenzo using only scissors, it’s actually Cachita that always takes the longest, even with electric clippers.

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