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Donairs at Jimmy’s A&A Mediterranean Deli

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Jimmy Elrafih
Jimmy Elrafih, Owner

My favourite place for donairs is Jimmy’s A&A Mediterranean Deli. They make the best donairs in Calgary. Everything is very fresh; the donair meat is exceptionally moist and seasoned perfectly.

The donairs come in three sizes: small, medium and large. The small size is adequate for most people and is equivalent to what is considered a “large” everywhere else. Yes, the donairs at Jimmy’s A&A are quite large but also reasonably priced. I usually order the medium size and always feel more than satisfied afterwards — I ordered the large just once and was only able to finish about half of it… They’re very generous with the quantity of meat. Very generous.

The service at Jimmy’s A&A Mediterranean Deli has always been attentive and friendly. They do a good job of getting you in and out very quickly. On one occasion, I had to wait a little longer than normal at the cash register, so owner Jimmy Elrafih joked, …the service here is horrendous! I admired his genuine desire to serve me quickly and make me feel appreciated.

Overall Rating: 4½ stars
Jimmy’s A&A Mediterranean Deli

Jimmy’s A&A Mediterranean Deli

1401 20th Avenue NW
Calgary, AB T2M 1G6
(403) 289-1400

All-in-all, Jimmy’s A&A makes a great donair and I highly recommend them. They also sell chicken shawarmas and a variety of other Mediterranean foods, including some great baklava.