Donairs at A & A Foods

Donairs at A & A Foods

My recent blog article, "Ten Places to Eat in Toronto" seems to be very popular. It has brought a considerable amount of new traffic to my blog and I’ve been receiving a lot of emails in regards to this article. (More comments instead of emails would be nicer though…) So, I’ve decided to add a “reviews” category on my blog where I’ll write reviews of places I’ve visited, both good and bad. I consider myself very fortunate to have been around a lot of good food over the years and feel very much up to the task. Coincidentally, I was looking at my spending history in Quicken the other day and noticed that Michelle and I spend an average of $600 a month eating out… Yes, we do eat out quite a bit so hopefully I should have a lot of interesting articles in this new category…

Jimmy Elrafih
Jimmy Elrafih, Owner

My favourite place for donairs, (and the best I’ve been able to find in Calgary), is A & A Foods at 1401 – 20 Ave NW. Everything is very fresh, the donair meat is seasoned perfectly and is exceptionally moist. The donairs come in three sizes: small, medium and large. The small size is adequate for most people and is equivalent to what is considered a "large" everywhere else. Yes, the donairs at A & A’s are quite large, but also very reasonably priced. I usually order the medium size and always feel more than satisfied afterwards – I ordered the large just once and was only able to finish about half of it… Also of note is that they are very generous with the meat. Very generous. All-in-all, it’s a great donair and I highly recommend it. A & A’s also sells chicken shawarmas and a variety of other Mediterranean foods, including some great baklava, of course ;-)

I took my brother to A & A’s yesterday for lunch and the donairs were great as always. The service at A & A’s has always been attentive and good, though nothing spectacular. It was funny to hear Jimmy Elrafih, the owner of A & A Foods say to us:

The service here is horrendous!

He was joking of course (because we had to wait for him a short while at the cash register so that we could pay) and I admired his genuine desire to serve us and make us feel welcome there. I do, however, think it was going a little too far when he told us to "have a great fucking day!" I know he had good intentions and didn’t mean for it to be offensive, but I still think this is being too casual with someone you just met… Nevertheless, I still recommend A & A’s for their excellent donairs.

Overall Rating: 3½ stars

Jimmy’s A&A Mediterranean Deli
1401 20th Avenue NW
Calgary, AB
+1 (403) 289-1400

Update –

I almost forgot! Anyone know of any great places for donairs in Toronto? Oddly, I was never able to find one… I’m sure there are many though. Let me know!