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Dundas West Fest 2014


Back on , I headed down to the Dundas West Street Festival with Michelle, mostly to see Jimmy Bosch with Ralph Irizarry and the Lula All-Stars on the Lulaworld stage.

I can’t believe I almost forgot to share these photos!

Salsa Dancers
Jimmy Bosch Playing Trombone
Salsa Dancers
Ralph Irizarry — Timbales
Jimmy Bosch Singing & Dancing
Sean Bellaviti & Ruddy Bolaños
Angel Luis — Vocals
Alexis Baró — Trumpet
Yiyi Yisell Sanchez — Vocals
Yiyi Yisell Sanchez & Ricardo Barboza
Jorge Maza — Flute
Ruddy Bolaños — Bass
Pablosky Rosales — Tres & Vocals
Jimmy Bosch & The Lula All-Stars
Jimmy Bosch & The Lula All-Stars
Jimmy Bosch, Ralph Irizarry & The Lula All-Stars
Lula All-Stars
Alexis Baró Trumpet Solo
Jorge Maza Flute Solo

After the concert, we ended up staying a little while longer to check out the rest of the festival, which was a little sparse and underwhelming, but still a good time nonetheless.

Japanese Rockabilly Bar — Sake Mojito
Henhouse Big Gay Patio
BBQ Fish
BBQ Fish
BBQ Chicken
Street Band
Punk Girl Band
Portuguese Band
Dundas West Fest
Dundas West Fest
Dundas West Fest
Dundas West Fest
Dundas West Fest
Dundas West Fest

There’s always so much to do in Toronto during the summer!