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Earth Hour 2008

Earth Globe Western Hemisphere

Toronto, Ottawa, and now Montreal have signed up for Earth Hour 2008. (There are already numerous Earth Hour groups on Facebook…) But somehow I get the feeling that Calgary will never sign up. Why is that?

And on the subject of Earth, don’t miss the Total Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday, February 20, 2008. There won’t be another chance to see one for roughly another three years.

Total Lunar Eclipse

Update –

For those of you who missed it, Here’s a photo of the 2008 Total Lunar Eclipse taken at 8:01pm (MST) from my backyard in Calgary:

Update –

I can’t believe it!

On Monday, Calgary’s City Council voted in favor of Alderman Brian Pincott’s proposal to join Earth Hour.

In the 18 months that I’ve been back in Calgary (from Toronto) I’ve come across a lot of people here that think that the whole climate change "movement" is a farce. I remember in Toronto I’d frequently hear people talking about climate change and how the government isn’t doing enough for the environment, etc. In contrast, I’ve heard so many people here in Calgary that seem to think that it’s all a waste of time and don’t believe it’s a real issue – just a fad… I suppose it’s not convenient to care about the Earth in Alberta though.

I’m not into politics and wouldn’t consider myself an environmentalist by any means, but yes, I will be participating. I hope it becomes as big a deal here as it has in Toronto. A friend of mine just came down from Toronto last week and we were talking about Earth Hour in Toronto a little bit – how people are having Earth Hour parties, etc., and how the whole city seems to be taking it to heart. I wouldn’t say I’m an Earth Hour fanatic, but I do believe it’s important to do as much as you can for our dying Earth, and that every little bit counts.