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Eaton Centre Breakdancer


I was down at Eaton Centre two weeks ago, and came across this breakdancer on the corner of Yonge & Dundas. There’s always an interesting array of buskers there, but I have never seen a dancing busker, except for in San Francisco two years ago when I shot a video of an older lady taking over some muscle dude’s dance routine. (That was hilarious!) This guy is pretty funny too – it’s hard not to laugh at him with that silly mask on, no?

Eaton Centre Breakdancer

Here’s what watching this guy will cost you, according to his "Donations Make Me Dance" sign:

  • less than $1.00 = popping and locking / just poses
  • $1.00 or more = footwork and poses
  • $5.00 or more = Power Moves!! Flips spinning tricks

You can see more videos of this guy on YouTube at

Donations Make Me Dance!!

So is this a new trend? Are dancing buskers becoming more common?