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Grupo Coco — Salvadoran Cumbia


I started playing bass in Latin bands twenty-one years ago, back in when my uncles started a band, "The Latin Kings". I really wanted to play electric guitar with them, but They’d only let me play bass until I learned all the songs first… Of course, once I started on the bass I never did switch to guitar.

I played many gigs with that band for two years before moving on to play with several other Latin bands in Calgary – it’s a long history filled with many entertaining stories that I may blog about sometime in the future, but for now, I wanted to make you all laugh by sharing some YouTube videos of three of the songs we used to play:

Grupo Coco – Pensando en Ti
Pensando en Ti
Grupo Coco – Celos
Grupo Coco – Lluvia

I remember rehearsing these songs relentlessly in my uncle’s basement. Being an amateur band with no one knowing how to read music, (I was just starting to learn), and where the level of musicianship was super low, it sure took us an eternity to get these super-simple songs together!

I hope these videos made you laugh as much as I did – I seriously can’t stop laughing when I hear them!