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Having a Blog is a Lot of Work…


Yes, having a blog is a lot of work, or at least, it’s a big commitment – a big time commitment

I always have my blog in the back of my mind and I really do mean to write a lot more than I do, but life gets in the way, and it’s hard to keep up sometimes. A lot of times. Yes, having a blog is a big time commitment for sure!

Well, here are some photos from across Canada that I’ve been meaning to share for some time now. They’re from when Michelle and I drove across the Trans-Canada highway to move from Calgary to Toronto. (Most of the photos were taken with Michelle’s iPhone from inside the car while I was driving.)

Flat Saskatchewan Roads
Downtown Winnipeg
Manitoba Fields
Ontario Roads
Whitefish Bay
Curvy Ontario Roads
Whitefish Bay
Javier at Kakabeka Falls
Kakabeka Falls

You can see more photos (and video) from our drive on our MobileMe Gallery.