Hidden Gems in Music

Hidden Gems in Music


Every once in a while, I come across an old song that I haven’t heard in a long time and discover a small hidden gem within the song… I think probably everyone does, or at least all musicians do, no?

Guaco Galopando CD Cover

Well, the other day I was on my way to a rehearsal with Pedro Menéndez and was listening to music on my iPhone (on the subway), when I came across this small gem of a guitar part. it’s a very small section within the song "Ahora Sí" by Venezuelan band Guaco about three minutes in (especially at 3:20 to 3:30). Have a listen to this short clip and see what I mean. (You may have to listen carefully for the electric guitar, but it’s panned to just one side so it shouldn’t be too hard.)

A small hidden gem indeed, no? Very nice. This song is from Guaco’s album "Galopando" and you can buy it on iTunes.