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HTML5 and Website Changes…


Earlier this year, I redesigned and rewrote (from the bottom up) my music website and I’ve also blogged about it a couple of times… My articles with code samples seem to be very popular, especially (and not surprisingly) my article about HTML5 Audio with jQuery. Evidently, HTML5 is not "the future" – the future is already here!

After putting up a ton of free charts and arrangements on the site, I’ve gotten not only a significant increase in traffic, but also a significant increase in business, which was my intention all along. Great, it worked!

So I’ve decided it’s now time to redesign and recode my blog as well. It uses WordPress but I’ve created my own plugins and my own custom theme as well. Naturally, I’m going to be creating an HTML5 theme – not just in terms of markup and new semantic elements, but also in terms of HTML5 audio and video playback too…

And at the same time, I’ve been thinking that I have too many unused domain names and too many outdated websites that rarely get updated too. It would be nice to amalgamate some of them and find a way to centralize a lot of that info… (I also have a ton of parked short domain names that I use as shortcuts to pages on my sites (like for example) – probably an unnecessary expense, in hindsight…)

I haven’t been able to figure out how to merge all the info, reduce the amount of websites and how to best present all that info yet, but it’s something I’m thinking about. My two main websites are this blog and my music site and all the others are not as important. I do have multiple email addresses across several domains as well, and I like having the separation, but I’m now thinking I may have too many accounts too… Hm.

So before I jump in and start creating a new HTML5 WordPress theme for this blog, I thought I should address those issues and find a way to reduce the amount of websites I have. I may end up adding stuff to my music website (which may require another re-design?) or adding pages to this blog, but I like having my blog separate from the music site so I doubt I’ll merge those two…

Any ideas?