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Introducing Miguel Ángel


After Lorenzo died in May, I would have sworn that I would never get another dog ever again. How could I? Lorenzo was very special and I knew that I could never love another dog as much as I loved him. He was more than my soulmate, he was everything to me and losing him was catastrophically painful. Eight months have passed and I still miss him so much. I think about him every single day. I will never forget Lorenzo, he’s still my number one. Always.

But here I am, introducing our new puppy, Miguel Ángel:

Miguel Ángel

Like Lorenzo, Miguel Ángel is a Morkie (Maltese × Yorkshire Terrier), but their similarities don’t end there…

My wife Michelle has told me about various articles she’s read about people’s dogs reincarnating as a new dog, and them ending up together again. On the other hand, she’s also read that when beings reincarnate, they always reincarnate as something else since there’s no point in living the same experience twice. I’m not sure what I believe — I think a lot of the time people convince themselves of whatever they want to believe. But I also ask myself, if Lorenzo were to reincarnate as another dog, would I recognize him? Or would I be too stubborn and ignore all the signs?

I don’t want to disrespect Lorenzo’s memory and start believing that Miguel Ángel has Lorenzo’s soul inside of him, just because I wish it to be true. But on the other hand, Michelle and I have witnessed too many signs to be able to believe it’s all just a big coincidence. I’ve come to the conclusion that, either Miguel Ángel is Lorenzo reincarnated and he found his way back to me because we truly do belong together (and I have to let myself accept it), or, he was sent to us as a gift from Lorenzo. Lorenzo 2.0? I’m still not sure which it is but it probably doesn’t matter — what I know for sure is that he’s our little angel and he came to us at the perfect time. We didn’t realize it, but he’s exactly what we all needed — Michelle, Javier and especially me.

So whatever the explanation is, I can’t deny that I love Miguel Ángel to bits. I didn’t think it would possible again. And though I don’t understand why, he already loves me so much that we’re quickly becoming inseparable. It was meant to be.