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It Must’ve Been Great Sex…


You know you’re good in bed when…

From the Winnipeg Free Press:

Man claims he impregnated woman while asleep

WINNIPEG – A Winnipeg man claims he was asleep when he impregnated a woman and is suing her for damages, including mental distress and anxiety, because legally he may now have to pay child support.

In a statement of claim filed in Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench last week, the man claims he was visiting the woman in October or November 2006 when he fell asleep.

The man alleges he woke up and found the woman was having sexual intercourse with him.

The man says that when he "demanded that she cease and desist," she complied.

But about nine months later the woman gave birth to a child that he agrees is his.

According to court records, the woman launched a court action for child support in Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench last year.

The man is seeking damages including reimbursement for all child support expenses paid and payable by him.

No statement of defence has been filed and the allegations have not been proven in court.