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Javier’s Backpack


A couple days ago, Michelle got a giant box full of old belongings from her childhood that her parents were hanging onto.

Amongst those belongings was a somewhat-realistic female doll (in baby’s clothing) that our dogs were terrified of. Whenever we’d bring out the doll and make her walk along the floor, They’d run and hide and bark hysterically at it – it was actually pretty funny! They’ve now gotten used to the doll though, and Lorenzo even likes to lie on her lap now…

Also in the box was a small backpack that Michelle got from Peru years back. it’s way too small for us to give it any purpose, so Michelle decided to try it on Javier and see what he thought of wearing it. Javier loves to be the center of attention, so as soon as it was on his back, he looked at us for approval and affection. Then, once I pulled out the camera to take some photos, he started posing and was very obviously liking the attention.

Here are some photos:

Javier Running with his Backpack

I told Michelle that we should put it on him when we take him on walks and let him carry potty bags in it. LOL! So if you live in Toronto, don’t be surprised if you see a little dog walking down the street with a backpack on his back… haha!