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Javier — The New Puppy


Here are some photos of our new puppy, Javier:

Javier with a Cloth Bone
Javier Smiling
Javier on His Pad
Javier Sticking Out His Tongue
Javier with His Tongue Out
Javier Hugging His Reindeer
Javier Resting
Cachita & Javier on their Pad
Michelle w/ Javier by the Tree

As you can see, he likes to make puppy faces and stick out his tongue slightly so that he looks like a store-bought teddy bear… :-)

When we got him, he had a lot of black frosting (he’s a Yorkie-Bichon cross) but he was also really dirty and needed both a bath and a haircut, so the black "frosting" is now all gone…

I’ve also shared some more photos (of Lorenzo & Cachita too) on the "dogs" tag. Have a look!

Isn’t Javier the best name for a dog, ever!? It really suits him, that’s for sure.