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Javier’s World Cup Soccer Team


Somebody told Javier that it’s almost time for the World Cup, so he decided to put on a soccer jersey and see if he could make the team…

Javier — Team Italia

When we used to live in this area eight years ago, Italy won the World Cup and St. Clair was packed with people celebrating all night.

St. Clair Avenue West 2006
St. Clair Avenue West — July 2006

Growing up in Calgary, I never saw people get excited over soccer. And though I’m not a big fan of sports, I do very much enjoy seeing people rooting for their favourite team, taking it to the streets and bringing the city to life! I don’t have a favourite team, but I am looking forward to the World Cup this year.

Oh, and the soccer jersey that Javier is wearing is actually Michelle’s jersey which she got from a soccer tournament that she helped organize at work.