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La Abuela Quiere Coco


Check out Alain Pérez’ new video that he uploaded to YouTube just yesterday:

The first time I watched the video I listened to it through my MacBook Pro speakers, but once I put some good headphones on, the bass line changed everything. I really liked the bass playing on this track. In fact, I liked it so much that I immediately grabbed my bass and played along to the video until I learned the whole thing note-for-note. Very cool!

I was thinking that I would write out the bass line and include a transcription on this blog post, but then I realized that unless you have a solid understanding of clave and the deep history of Cuban music, you won’t really understand where this is all coming from or what exactly is going on and it won’t mean much… For anyone truly interested in learning Timba bass lines, it’s much better to just listen lots and play along instead of trying to read notes off a page.

Anyways, check out the video — it’s not only musically rich, (that piano solo at the end!), it’s also super entertaining to watch. I mean, who doesn’t like a video that includes Sponge Bob footage!?

You can listen to Alain Pérez’ Hablando Con Juana album on Apple Music and also check out