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Mayan Sweet Onions


I came across these “Mayan” sweet onions in the grocery store and thought I should give them a try and support my people at the same time.

Mayan Sweet Onions

When I got home and started putting groceries away, I felt hoodwinked and was completely shocked when I read the label on the back!

Mayan Sweet Onions — Produce of Peru

According to Wikipedia:

The Maya civilization developed in the area that today comprises southeastern Mexico, all of Guatemala and Belize, and the western portions of Honduras and El Salvador. It includes the northern lowlands of the Yucatán Peninsula and the highlands of the Sierra Madre, the Mexican state of Chiapas, southern Guatemala, El Salvador, and the southern lowlands of the Pacific littoral plain.

Says nothing of Peru.

Mayan Sweets Availability

I checked out the website on the bag on onions and it turns out that these Peruvian onions are grown in Mexico for only two months of the year, but the majority of the time they’re grown in the land of the Incas in Peru. (You know, that other ancient civilization with stone buildings…)

What’s next? Mayan Huancaína sauce? Or Incan pupusas? I’m not sure if I should laugh at such a stupid branding mistake, or feel offended.