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Momma’s Boy


Javier has always been very attached to Michelle. Even though he spends much more time around me, Lorenzo and Cachita used to guard me and try to prevent him from getting too close to me when he was still a puppy. So naturally, given no other option, Javier got much more attached to Michelle. And then when Cachita finally warmed up to him, he got really attached to her too – almost like a second mommy.

Back in in my article "Waiting for Mommy", I shared a photo of Javier waiting for Michelle by the window of our old place on Oak Park Avenue. I took a similar photo this past when Javier decided to jump up onto our shoe rack so he could look out the window while waiting for Michelle to get home.

Javier Crying for His Mommy – November 10, 2009

You can hear profound sadness in his howls, no? What can I say, he’s such a Momma’s Boy!

Javier will be very happy now that Michelle is on vacation for almost the whole month of August. But come September, it will be interesting to see how hard of a time he has adjusting to her going back to work again…