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Mr. Mister (AKA Javier)


We have many nicknames for all three of our dogs (lorenzo, Cachita and Javier), and they even have their own individual songs or jingles that they respond to.

We used to call Javier "mouse", until, of course, our house in Calgary was invaded by mice and we were forced to move overnight – the nickname didn’t seem so cute anymore after that.

The nickname that stuck the most after that was "Mr. Javier" and that eventually became "Mr. Mister", which is what we call him the most of the time now, apart from his actual name, Javier. (No, our dogs aren’t confused… I know.)

Anyways, Here’s a photo of Javier, the cutest dog in the world and the only dog I know who actually gets cuter the older he gets. For real…

Mr. Mister – AKA Javier

Javier’s cute puppy looks get us stopped on the street all the time as people ooh and ahh at him. (he’s actually a full grown adult of two years now, but he still looks like a puppy.) And unlike most humans with good looks, Javier actually has a killer personality too! he’s the most easy going of our three dogs and gets along with all people and all dogs alike.

He knows he’s cute though, and really knows how to milk it for all it’s worth (especially at the pet food store, which we call the "cookie store"). He knows just how to sit to look super cute, he winks at people and flutters his eyes and then he even sticks out his tongue to look like a toy – and all in gradual increments to maximize the number of treats he gets! (He also loves posing in front of cameras…)

Cute looks + loveable personality = two cutes!