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Not Just Any Sea Salt


When it comes to cooking with quality ingredients, people seem to have an easy time understanding how an all-organic, antibiotic-free, aged prime rib steak purchased from a butcher is no comparison to a grocery store fast fry steak. But for some reason, when it comes to salt, most people think that salt is just salt…

To be fair, until giving this salt a try, I would have never thought that quality sea salt would make such a huge difference either, but the difference is nothing short of astounding.

Sel Marin de Guérande
Sel Marin de Guérande at Moberly Natural Foods – $2.99

After doing a quick search on Google I was able to find a little more information on this salt:

This entirely unrefined, natural product is harvested by hand by traditional methods that have been practiced for centuries, indeed some of the salt pans in use today have been used for over a thousand years!

Rich in minerals, sel de Guérande is not the refined, white “sea salt” that we see in many stores. Ask any family in France, the French simply know what tastes good: the salt on the table in many French households is "Sel Marin de Guérande", harvested in this traditional way on the Atlantic coast. Top chefs in France use Sel de Guérande in their dishes, it is delicious in soups and sauces, as well as for seasoning grilled and roasted dishes.

If you like good food and are passionate about cooking, you should definitely give this salt a try. Michelle and I have been "converted" over to using a sea salt mill for some time now and even that is a big flavor change from regular table salt. We don’t use "regular" table salt anymore, ever. But the switch over to this sea salt, compared to other sea salts is huge.

Salt is just salt you say? Not convinced? If you think I’m crazy, give this salt a try and see for yourself – you’ll be amazed at how much of a difference quality sea salt makes!