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Nurse Michelle


Back in June 2011, I had written about Lorenzo’s exceptional loyalty, and how he stayed by my side while I recovered from surgery. He was my nurse.

Nurse Lorenzo with Daniel
Lorenzo Sleeping with Daniel

Two weeks ago, I got a laparoscopic cholecystectomy which is the medical term for having my gall bladder (and gall stones) removed. Once again, Lorenzo was quick to assume the role of being my nurse and stayed faithfully by my side while I recovered. He made it his job to protect me, and made sure our other two dogs, Javier & Cachita weren’t playing too wild and rambunctiously around me.

As much as having Lorenzo as my teddy bear was good for the soul, I’m also extremely grateful to have such a great wife who took really good care of me and was constantly looking for ways to go above and beyond the call of duty. I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

Right after my surgery, Michelle worked from home for a couple of days. But when it was time for her to go back to the office, she made sure she left everything within my reach every day before leaving, so that I could focus on getting better.

Daniel Sleeping with Lorenzo

She’d give me my meds before leaving for work, leave a thermos of apple juice by my side and put Lorenzo & Cachita into the crate so they couldn’t jump all over me, (while leaving Lorenzo next to me, of course). She also knew that I was restricted to a diet of just soup and crackers for the first couple days, so she made sure it was super easy for me to make myself some soup when I got hungry.

Ready To Go Kitchen

Every day, I was surprised to find a pristine kitchen with a clean soup pot and ladle laid out, soups and crackers pulled down from the cupboards and on the counter, and even a soup bowl, spoon and napkin ready to go!

What a great wife! Words cannot express how grateful I am.