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Pedrito Martínez Group at Festival International 2012


I came across this YouTube video of Pedrito Martínez Group’s live performance at Festival International 2012 in Lafayette, Louisiana via I added the video to my YouTube watch list so I could watch it later on a big screen. When I finally sat down to watch it, I didn’t realize it was over an hour long, so I intended to watch just a couple minutes of it but once I started, I couldn’t stop. So good!

The opening song “La Habana” starts off nice and light but quickly gets groovin’ hard and by the second song “Memorias” (at 7:39) you couldn’t pull me away…

You can find out more about Pedrito Martínez Group at and stream their music on Apple Music. (They’re all exceptional tracks, but my favourites are #5 Memorias; #6 La Habana; and #11 Que Palo.) Check it out: