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Performing with Pedro Menéndez


Back in , I played a couple gigs with Pedro Menéndez – a multi-instrumentalist and phenomenal composer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was part of the Canadian Music Fest Week here in Toronto.

I recently came across some videos of the first of those performances at Courthouse on YouTube (via Pedro’s YouTube Channel). Here they are:

Soles – Pedro Menéndez Crossover Guitar
Conexion Rio-Madrid – Pedro Menéndez Crossover Guitar
Conexion Rio-Madrid
Mais Uma – Pedro Menéndez Crossover Guitar
Mais Uma
¿Cómo Serán Los Pirineos? – Pedro Menéndez Crossover Guitar
¿Cómo Serán Los Pirineos?
Otros Tangos – Pedro Menéndez Crossover Guitar
Otros Tangos
Vientos Marinos – Pedro Menéndez Crossover Guitar
Vientos Marinos

It was a fun week for sure – I’d gladly play with Pedro again next time he’s in town. His compositions are very unique and have inspired some of the recent things I’m writing for my upcoming Latin Jazz project, Mezkolanza.

Brilliant and prolific composer, Pedro Menendez has an unique eclectic style of blending jazz, Latin American rhythms (tango, chacarera, candombe, zamba, bossa nova) and contemporary classical elements. Recognized as one of the most innovative creators of the avant-garde fusion style in Argentina since the 1980’s, Pedro Menendez proposes a different South American concept. His melodies are lyric and complex; pieces are rich in harmonic modulations and elaborated counterpoints; traditional local rhythms are re-interpreted on polyrhythmic variations, irregular meters and a varied instrumentation.

For more information on Pedro Menéndez and his many diverse projects, visit his website at and/or