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Red Cardinal


Shortly after we moved into our present house back in , I spotted a couple red cardinals that live in the trees in our backyard. And ever since then, I’ve been trying to take a photo of them – they’re gorgeous!

But by the time I get my camera out, they’re gone. Or when I’ve been quick enough to get the camera ready in time, as soon as I open the back door, they fly away. And whenever our dogs are in the backyard, not surprisingly, they’re nowhere to be found.

After more than a year of numerous failed attempts, late in December (a couple days after taking some photos from the ice storm), when I least expected it, there was this cardinal sitting in my neighbour’s pine tree. I decided to take some photos of it through our bedroom window and not risk opening the back door…

Red Cardinal
Red Cardinal

I hope to see this little guy again soon so I can get some better shots before we move away in April!