Right Wrist Surgery

Right Wrist Surgery

I’ve been having significant problems with my right wrist for more than four years. The last two years have been especially bad. I’ve mentioned it a couple times on my blog and it was a major factor in my decision to take a break from selling charts online.

In 2013 I got an MRI of my wrist which revealed a full-thickness tear of my triangular fibrocartilage (TFC), a partial tear of my scapholunate ligament, several small intraosseous ganglia and a large ganglion cyst. Quite a lot going on in just one wrist!

I needed surgery but was told it would be very high risk and that I might never play bass again, so it seemed prudent to try routine cortisone injections for a whole year first. Unfortunately, they didn’t help.

Then in March of this year I got another MRI done for comparison which showed lots of swelling and inflammation, tenosynovitis and a new, larger ganglion cyst right in between the joint. Here are some photos of the cyst that I generated using the OsiriX Imaging Software:

Right Wrist Cyst on MRI
Right Wrist Cyst on MRI
Right Wrist Cyst on MRI

After seeing a couple different hand surgeons, all too afraid to perform the surgery I needed, I was extremely lucky to get an appointment on short notice with one of the best wrist surgeons in the world! Normally he has an eighteen-month+ waiting list.

So last month on July 29 I finally went in for surgery where he performed a wrist arthroscopy (diagnostic wrist scope), removed the ganglion cysts, repaired my TFCC and performed an arthroscopic synovectomy to “clean up” the inflammation in my wrist. It wasn’t a small procedure by any measure, but thankfully everything went well.

Here are some photos of me on the day of the surgery, resting in bed a week after with my two male dogs Lorenzo and Javier (Cachita my female dog couldn’t be bothered) and then a photo of the scar immediately after the cast and bandages were removed:

Daniel Before Wrist Surgery
Daniel Resting in a Cast with Javier
Daniel’s Wrist After Surgery
Daniel After Wrist Surgery

The scar was much bigger than I expected but it didn’t look so bad once I had a chance to wash up. And my recovery over the last four weeks has also gone immensely better than I anticipated.

I’m going to physiotherapy at the hospital’s hand clinic every week and I’m being told to expect about three more months of recovery time before I can start to play again. Wish me luck!