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Rumbon Para Billy Bryans


Last , I went with Michelle to Lula Lounge for dinner and a celebration/fundraiser, "Rumbon Para Billy Bryans". It had been almost six years since I was last at Lula Lounge – hard to believe it’s been so long!

It was great to see so many familiar faces, and some new ones too… Here are some photos (and a video) I took that night, in somewhat of a chronological order:

Jane Bunnett on Flute
Alex Cuba on Guitar
Hilario Durán on Piano
Alex Cuba Singing
Jane Bunnett on Soprano Sax
Samba Squad Singer
Maza on Flute
Samba Squad
Casineros Unidos
Sean Bellaviti on Piano
Alberto Alberto
Chendy Leon Sr. on Bongos
Jalidan Ruiz on Timbales
Papiosco on Congas
Angel Luis
Cuban Friends Quintet – Solos at Lula Lounge
Yosvani on Violin
Son Ache

All these photos were taken with a Nikon D90 and edited in Aperture (no Photoshop). It would have been much easier if I had the Perfect Mask plugin, but I don’t… The video was taken with my iPhone 4 and edited in iMovie.

Normally I would try to get a variety of different angles from photos like these, but I was feeling a little too lazy that night to get up from the table I was sitting at, (plus, I didn’t want to leave Michelle all by herself). It wasn’t easy since there were often people standing in my way (and I remained sitting the whole time), but with some patience, I did manage to get a couple of clear shots.

I don’t get many opportunities to use my camera these days, (plus I’ve been way too busy writing salsa charts to even think of anything else), but every time I use it, I’m reminded of how fun it is. I should probably set aside a set amount of time to work on photography every week – I could use the practice!

The sad news is that Billy Bryans passed away – you can read a tribute to him at

Well, hopefully it won’t be another six years until I’m at Lula Lounge again, but I get the feeling I’ll be back there real soon…