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Santaneca Tamales


After almost 11 years, my mom has decided to make her delicious tamales available for sale (by order) once again!

I’ve been busy designing a website for Santaneca. The biggest challenge was making the website fully bilingual, (in English and Spanish), including all the error messages and stuff. Whoa! Check out the site and let me know what you think…

Closed Tamale

Anyways, if you never had tamales before, this is your chance to try the best!

Open Tamale

The last time my mom sold tamales from home, she got so ridiculously busy that when she finally tried to stop, we had to change our home phone number like five times! that’s why we got a dedicated line just for the tamales this time. :-) People would then come knocking on our door to beg her to make "just one more batch."

So, inevitably, this means that I too will be busy now, helping her of course. Michelle is pretty excited about it too… Wish us luck!