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Someone Stole My Mayorship


I’ve been playing FourSquare on my iPhone for a while now. I try to check-in whenever I’m out (when I remember) but I don’t take it all that serious — it’s just fun and apart from a great way to find deals and specials, I also use it to find other people’s reviews and recommendations. It helps.

Here’s a hilarious video I found (in Spanish with English subtitles) of a lady who’s super upset that she lost her mayorship on FourSquare. I found it on Twitter a couple of days ago, and after a couple of days I’m still laughing about it so I decided to share it here…

I have a couple of mayorships on FourSquare but nothing worth getting excited about. (You become mayor of a place after checking into that place more than anyone else. Occasionally, some places will give special deals or free stuff to FourSquare mayors when they “check-in”…) For those of you that don’t know about FourSquare, here’s a quick explanation from the FourSquare website:

FourSquare Logo

Foursquare is a mobile application that makes cities easier to use and more interesting to explore. It is a friend-finder, a social city guide and a game that challenges users to experience new things, and rewards them for doing so. Foursquare lets users “check in” to a place when they’re there, tell friends where they are and track the history of where they’ve been and who they’ve been there with.