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Sweet 16 Birthday Cars


I came across this video of an insanely unappreciative girl’s reaction in receiving her sweet 16 gift "early" via Daniel Francavilla on Twitter, and I just had to share it on my blog. Check it out!

Girl’s Reaction to Receiving Her Sweet 16 Gift Early

Hard to believe, no? A $67,000 Lexus for her 15th birthday, and that’s how she reacts!?

Well, when I was looking for that video on YouTube so I could embed it in my article, (and couldn’t find it), I also came across this other video of a "spoiled brat not happy with his 16th birthday":

Spoiled Brat Not Happy With His 16th Birthday

"You guys like making me look like a fricken’ poor kid in front of all my friends all the time!" Seriously?!

And Here’s one last one, of a girl who gets a brand new car for her 16th birthday and rather than thanking her dad for the generous gift, she just complains about the color:

Spoiled Brat Gets Car And Cries About Color

She won’t even drive the car around the block because it’s the wrong color? How does this stuff happen? Well I’m guessing that when the mom (in a fur coat) walks away from the situation and tells her husband "you deal with her" that might have something to do with it… You think?

it’s hard not to feel bad for the parents though (even if it is their fault) – I’m sure it’s not at all the reaction they were expecting…