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Taste of Little Italy 2014


Here are some photos (and a YouTube video) from the Taste of Little Italy on College Street this year:

Taste of Little Italy Street Festival
Funball 50¢
Balloon Bust
Soccer Ball Trickster
Taste of Little Italy Street Festival
Lemonade Stand
Italy vs. England
Soccer Game at Riviera Bakery
Roast Pig
Pork Skewers
World Cup Soccer in a Beer Tent
Street Band
Little Italy
Chicken Skewers
Parmesan Risotto
Street Band
Drums & Bass
Grace Meat Market
Packed Streets
Coconut Water
College & Beatrice
Food Samples
Tamales & BBQ Corn
Italian Soccer Dog
Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe
BBQ Chicken
Food Vendor
College & Crawford
College & Shaw
Packed Patios
Crepe with Nutella
Taste of Little Italy Street Festival
Street Band
Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt
Taste of Little Italy 2014

The Taste of Little Italy ran from to this year. Michelle and I went on the Saturday, the same day that Italy was playing against England for the World Cup Finals. We arrived at College & Bathurst at , with about 15 minutes left in the game.

There were a lot of people inside the establishments watching the soccer game, and there were a lot of TVs set up outdoors along the streets too. When the game ended with Italy winning 2 to 1 against England, the streets quickly got loud with people celebrating the win, as you can see in the beginning of the video. Being there was a lot of fun!

Once people started coming out of the bars and restaurants, the streets got so packed that you couldn’t even walk (which you can see not only in the photos, but in the video too). We were at a standstill with the streets so full of people and no one able to move for about fifteen minutes!

And later, once we had decided to start heading back home, we saw this Latin band playing Brazilian music on the street and you could tell that people just couldn’t get enough. They had quite a large crowd of people from all walks of life, and everyone was just having a great time dancing together on the street!

I love Toronto so much!