Taste of the Danforth 2011

Taste of the Danforth 2011


, Michelle and I went to Taste of the Danforth not too far from home. Here are some photos:

Coconut Water
Spanish Paella
Line-up for Calamari
Taste of the Danforth 2011
Davos Greek Restaurant
Taste of the Danforth 2011
Messini Authentic Gyros
Souvlaki on the Grill
Circus School
Pork on a Spit
Pork Gyros
Taste of the Danforth 2011
Quail on a Spit
Quail on a Spit
Greek Play
Pizza Pizza Ferris Wheel
Carnival at Taste of Danforth

When we got there, (earlier in the day – around mid-afternoon), the streets weren’t too packed and the line-ups for food were not as long as I expected. (It was my first time going to this festival). But by the time we left, after a short blast of heavy rain, the streets were packed tight and you could see some line-ups for food that would easily take an hour to get through.

The two longest lineups we saw were for "the best calamari on Danforth for 16 years" and another for these pork gyros that looked amazing. I would have liked to have tried both of those but we weren’t really in the mood to stay in line for that long. I wonder if it was worth the wait?

The only restaurant we saw that wasn’t participating in the festival (which we thought was very odd) was this Mexican restaurant called "La Cabaña Restaurant". But they also took their displeasure with the festival a step further and had a sign on their window stating a $5 charge to use the bathroom! (The place was indeed open for business but completely empty, naturally.)

$5 Bathroom Charge

We started out spending a little more time going into some of the shops (like a pet store, organic grocery store, etc.) but we quickly decided against that since there was already so much to see on the streets and we didn’t want to get tired before "seeing everything".

There were two stores that caught our eye though, first, an optical store for rats called "Ratas Optical" – I guess rats need glasses too? Wow Toronto is civilized! (LOL) OK, not really, but we did have a laugh… And the other store was one called "Melonhead" which we thought was a toy store when we first walked by, but after we went in, we realized that it was a hair salon for little kids. When I was a kid, there was nothing like this! I remember having to get my hair cut at the barber shop and I’d have to sit on this wooden plank stretched across the chair while being told to "watch out for the nails" that were sticking out of it… Now kids get to sit in sports cars, bikes, trains and horses while getting their hair cut? Wow.

Ratas Optical
Haircuts for Kids

Taste of Danforth was definitely a lot of fun, even with the brief blast of rain we got. Festivals like this are one more reason why I love Toronto!