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The 3 Dogs Play…


Four years ago, when we first got cachita, our intention was to give Lorenzo a playmate and we figured he would enjoy the company of having another dog around whenever he was home alone (which isn’t often at all, but still). Having a second dog seemed like it would balance things out… But as it turned out, Lorenzo was more interested in "becoming a man" and his idea of "playing" was a little too x-rated for young Cachita. Yes, we had intended to get him neutered all along, but who knew it was that important to have him neutered before bringing Cachita into the picture!?

I remember Lorenzo’s hormones were way out of control and he didn’t seem to care that Cachita was just a puppy. She eventually learned to eat and drink water sitting down so that Lorenzo couldn’t mount her from behind while she tried to nourish herself. In the meantime, while we waited for the next-available vet appointment to get Lorenzo neutered, it meant that Michelle and I had to sleep in separate rooms – each of us with one dog. Lorenzo just wouldn’t leave Cachita alone!

But after we got Lorenzo neutered, all was well and he stopped trying to mount her all the time. Well, maybe not all the time, but at least most of the time. And then she started getting bigger and started to mount him once in a while – apparently, it’s a dog’s way of establishing dominance!

While Lorenzo at first wasn’t keen on the idea of having to share his bed/basket, toys, food and everything else with another dog, he eventually got used to having Cachita around and they became inseparable. The only thing was, Cachita always wanted to play and Lorenzo didn’t like playing with her at all.

Two years later, and by the time Lorenzo and Cachita had grown so close that they were literally inseparable, I was toying with the idea of getting a third dog, even if Michelle wasn’t… But this time, the third dog would be "for them" to play with, not us…

We never really intended to get javier, but one thing lead to another and then he gave me this look that left such an impression on me, I just had to take him home. Michelle wasn’t too keen on the idea at first, but I can be stubborn, and Javier wasn’t letting me off the hook either!

So Javier was supposed to be their toy, and he is. We were a little worried at first about having two male dogs (apparently two females is OK, but not two males since they constantly fight to establish dominance) but Javier is too happy-go-lucky to care about dominance. he’s very submissive and likes to be everybody’s best friend – humans and dogs alike. he’s a full-grown adult now, but even still, he knows his place in the pack is to be the playful puppy! Two cutes!

Another nice thing about having Javier now is that he’s also satisfied Cachita’s occasional interest in playing. Lorenzo doesn’t really play – it’s as if he’s above that and "too good" to play… (When he does get the rare urge to play though, it’s always with Javier – I think he’s afraid of Cachita because she’s too big/too rough for him now.) Anyways, Here’s a recent iPhone video of the three dogs playing together:

The 3 Dogs Play…

As you can see from the video – either Lorenzo is gay, or it seems he has forgotten how to play! And of course, Javier doesn’t care – he just wants to play. They sure made a mess with their toys that day, but I didn’t care – it had been a long time since they’ve played like that – probably due to moving so much and them not really feeling at home or comfortable enough, but all seems to be well for them now. :-)