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The 3 Dogs Trailer


So back in December, I mentioned that I would be redesigning my blog and creating a new HTML5 theme for it, so this is my first article since those changes went live (). Obviously it’s a very simple design, but that’s exactly what I wanted – I wanted to make it easy to read and focus on the article content as much as possible, and I also wanted to make the comments stand out more than before so hopefully that will encourage more people to write a comment more often… (Hint, hint.)

Anyways, what better way to test out my new HTML5 WordPress theme than with HTML5 video? Yes, it means I had to upload two versions of the same video (MP4 and Ogg Vorbis) to account for browser differences, but I created a Compressor droplet on my Mac to automate that, so that’s easy enough. The old videos on this blog (before ) will still play using QuickTime, but all future videos will now be native HTML5 video. And if your browser doesn’t support HTML5 video then it will fallback to quicktime and play the MP4 file – but you should probably get a new browser anyways if that’s the case.

So without further ado, Here’s a video trailer that Michelle and I created in iMovie ’11 back in November:

The 3 Dogs Trailer

If you want to learn more about HTML5 audio and/or HTML5 video with jQuery, you can read my article: "HTML5 Audio with jQuery" from back in .