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The Bulgarian Women’s Choir Sing “Oh Susanna”


For some reason, I’ve had the song "Oh Susanna" stuck in my head lately and I found myself humming the melody. Michelle asked me "Is that a real song?" and I was astonished that she’d never heard it so I quickly searched it up on YouTube. that’s how I came across this version of "Oh Susanna" sung by the Bulgarian Women’s Choir on the Tonight Show around 1990 (according to the video’s description):

The Bulgarian Women’s Choir Sing “Oh Susanna”

It turns out Michelle realized (after hearing it) that she does indeed know this song, she just didn’t remember it.

I can’t get enough of this video and I keep playing it over and over. The thick harmonies! Apart from the final chord, listen to the chord they land on at about 56 seconds into it… Crazy stuff – beautiful and masterful indeed. can’t. Get. Enough.