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The Longest Time


So, just now I was in the living room singing "Oh-oh-oh-oh, for the longest time, oh-oh-oh, for the longest time… […] … ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh…" and I jokingly asked Michelle, Have you ever heard that song?, and to my great horror and disbelief, she replied, no"Or at least not the way you’re singing it!"

I ran to the computer to search on YouTube to see if I could find it and it turns out Michelle has indeed been deprived of yet another great thing in this world…

I’ve probably heard the song a gazillion times over the years, but I had never seen the official video of it until today. Here it is:

Billy Joel : The Longest Time

Also, when I looked up The Longest Time on Wikipedia I also found out that it was released as a single in 1984 along with another 80’s classic you may have heard of, Uptown Girl. (Thankfully Michelle had at least heard that song before…) Here’s the official video of that one too:

Billy Joel : Uptown Girl

Hopefully this is just a blast from the past and not anything new for most of you…