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The Smartest Dog Ever…


Lorenzo is, by far, the smartest dog I’ve ever met. he’s very curious and whenever he hears music, or when I’m working away at the computer, he likes to play the guitar. How? He taps it with his nose until it moves enough to make a sound and repeats this a couple times until he’s satisfied that he’s contributed enough to the music… LOL

Lorenzo Wearing Glasses

Lorenzo also has a keen ear for music and intonation – whenever I’ve had rehearsals at my house, he just has to be around (like a supervisor). At first, he just stands in the middle and looks around at what’s going on, but then he’ll quickly turn his head and stare people down when they play something wrong, or if they play very "outside" sounding jazz solos. I don’t know how he can tell, but other musicians have tested him on it too – I now have no doubt about it that he somehow knows. But how?

At the same time as being the smartest dog I’ve ever met, and apart from being super curious and stubborn, he can also be really retarded at times too. Like the other day, for example, he was so excited about dinner time that he was jumping up and down. He jumped up so hard that he lost his balance and fell on one of his paws. He then proceeded to cry and yelp for two whole minutes… Duh!