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Italy Tomato With Stick


One of my new favourite places to buy groceries is at Fu Yao Supermarket. They have a couple locations in the east end of Toronto, and not only are their prices really cheap, but I always get a laugh every time I’m there. Inevitably, I always find at least one sign that has been "lost in translation"…

Italy Tomato With Stick
Italy Tomato With Stick – $0.99/lb

Not on the vine, nope, with the stick! LOL

If you really think of it though, when you buy premium tomatoes on the vine, you’re really just paying extra for a "stick"…

But all joking aside, this isn’t just at Fu Yao – I see signs like this all across Toronto. Apart from getting a quick laugh from it now and then, I actually find it very interesting to observe how everyday life is interpreted differently by various ethnicities… it’s great to live in such a diverse city full of culture!